410+(haneco410clone) & 100+(hanecco410) Followers Gift!
and 1st anniversary on Tumblr♥♥♥

I can’t thank you enough.


haneco shaka blah posepack
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okay!! so!!

basically, i noticed that a lot of the people i look up to in this community are now following me, so i went through my followers list to see which of my simblr senpai’s follow me back. 

i just wanted to thank you guys for following me! as i said, you’re all my senpai’s, and i feel so honored that all you follow me back.

[[these are not all my favourite simblrs, just my favourite simblr’s that follow me back]]

but yeah, i want to thank these amazing people!!

antraya-cubed // athizria // bakasim // balljointedsim // baptsim // brntwaffles // cayucat // classycupid // dollfiesims // eruwen // etiollesims // franshark // grimhatesdeathflowers // jinglestartk // missfortunesims // moonseoul // neptunesims // noiranddarksims // ohmysim // orangebrained // plumb-barb // plumb-bombs // plumbobdollhouse // ribbonsims // rukisims // sim3simsimi // sim-finitely // sim-it-up // simplykitsch // simply-one-hell-of-a-simblr // stefizzi // sweetwildoranges // touchmypixels // tractusopticus // zowaaaay


1000 Followers Gift Part 1!:

10 Texting/Phone related Poses!

I haven’t forgotten about you all! :) Poses above are in order by number. Poses 1-2 are used on a bed, Poses 3-5 are used at a desk. Pose 7-8 are “walking” poses, and Pose 10 is on the floor. You can use OMSP for the last pose.

Codes: a_ks_texting_(1-10)

Credits: I used rukisims iPhone accessory for these poses.

TOU: Don’t claim these are your own, or upload them anywhere else. Including pay sites. 

If there is any other kinds of phone poses you’d like me to make, just shoot me a message! And if you have any problems with these poses, just let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

DOWNLOAD mediafire (sorry)

//poses are poselist comp*

I hope you all enjoy them :)